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Rogers Home Inspections

Home Inspections Help You Sell your Home

Rogers Home Inspection helps homeowners with a thorough home inspection so that they can sell homes at a good price. We offer comprehensive home inspection services for sellers before they put a home for sale. If you are planning to sell your home in Fraser Valley, Fraser Canyon and surrounding areas, an inspection will help you get a clear understanding of the home. It will provide you with a chance to fix or repair all the existing defects before the buyer gets involved. The inspection will put you in a much better position to communicate with any interested buyers effectively. A home inspection will also help you:

Overcome the stress and anxiety of all the what-ifs
Get time to remedy any potential deal breakers
Market the home better
Push the sale price with the home repaired
Eliminate the element of surprise when the buyer gets the home inspected
Avoid renegotiations

It is essential to have a clear picture of the integrity and condition of your home before you list it on the market. It provides you with all the information you need to negotiate a fair price. Give us a call to understand our process and book a pre-listing inspection.

Sell Your Home at a Higher Price

A proper home inspection by our licensed home inspector helps you present your property in the best light.

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